Certificate program in


Innovating with Users' Needs and Aspirations

25-31 July 2022

7 day immersive course at IIT Bombay to revolutionise products, services, and systems through Design Thinking


Design Thinking is a human-centred design process, undertaken by designers to solve complex (wicked) design problems when they design & develop new products/services. The uniqueness of Design Thinking is in 'upholding user needs and aspirations for innovation’. It begins by gaining in-depth user-insights through empathy, followed by creative ideation to innovate new concepts, prototype them and finally test with users to check the usability, viability and feasibility. Businesses today, have enormously benefitted from Design Thinking to solve increasingly complex and difficult problems across different sectors. Furthermore, many businesses and organisations have achieved higher business success rate by boosting Design Thinking culture to drive innovation.

This short term certificate program ‘Design Thinking: Innovating with Users' Needs and Aspirations’ will help participants experience the power of this innovative problem solving approach through lectures, case studies and hands-on workshop. Participants will learn various techniques employed in different stages of Design Thinking in the workshop.

Upon successful completion of course, certificate of completion from Continuing Education Program, IIT Bombay will be given.

Key Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Cultivate Design Thinking ability as culture to drive innovation in your organisation.

Develop mindset to work closely with (for) users while designing, innovating, developing and testing solutions for new products, services and systems.

Develop capability to arrive at deeper user insights by empathising with potential users through observational research and in-depth interviewing.

Ability to participate and conduct constructive brainstorming sessions, ideation sessions in interdisciplinary team in search of new ideas and solutions.

Developing skills for making and presenting prototypes of the envisaged solutions individually and in team.

Develop ability to test solution and work on feedback loops.

Program Highlights

Familiarise participants with Design Thinking methodology and its components through lectures & case studies

Expose them to effectively practice Design Thinking stages through case examples, from need analysis to interdisciplinary collaborations, visualisation and storytelling through a hands-on design workshop

Sensitise participants towards sketching, modelling, visualisation, storytelling, communication and presentation through design assignments, creativity and warm-up exercises

Help participants make a roadmap for deployment of Design Thinking in the organisation, to design and develop new products and services.

Who may benefit

Senior and Middle Management from different domains & sectors
Design Team
Research and Development team
Project Leads
Product Managers
Marketing and Sales team
Business Analysts
Design Enthusiasts


Seminar Hall, 2nd Floor
Jalvihar Guest House
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai – 400 076
Maharashtra, India


Accommodation at IIT Bombay guest house is available. You will need to indicate the need of an accommodation while registering for the course. Kindly note Accommodation costs are not included in the registration fee.